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Project Management

SERS provides project management services across a range of sectors from operations to construction. Our unique Project Management Approach provides services that are founded on effective relationships, a full understanding of our customers' requirements, managing risks and improving project outcomes. Our performance is continually benchmarked against industry best practices to ensure that we provide our customers high quality services.


Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience across both the private and public sectors and have demonstrated a continual ability to create and deliver innovative, practical and agile project solutions. SERS understands that each project is unique and our approach has been developed to support any project. 


Our Project Management Services are:


  • Requirements Generation and Traceability

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Contract Administration, Control & Monitoring

  • Cost Management

  • Design Management

  • Program Management

Facilities Management

SERS proven Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Facilities Management expertise provides our customer the peace of mind needed for Operations and Maintenance success of our plants. 


By combining our building design and construction expertise with our Plant Operations and Maintenance best practices, SERS offers a unique Facility Management solution to our customers. SERS provides a wide-range of integrated services to support general building maintenance, utility operations, waste management operations, GREEN Landfills operations, capital projects and programs, and daily business support functions.


SERS' technical support experts have experience implementing and maintaining equipment that will optimize the WtE facility life-cycle value, facility operating costs, and reliability while providing a safe and productive work environment for our employees.

Energy Metering & Monitoring Services

SERS understands that in today's energy conscious world, understanding how energy is used and where reductions can be made, requires an understanding which can only be attained via an effective Metering strategy. SERS works with you to derive such a strategy and ultimately supply and install the required metering capability, along with the supply and commissioning of monitoring solutions that meet YOUR exact needs.


SERS' Monitoring systems are accessed via the internet, with each customer having a dedicated login to access their specific data. Once logged into their system, each customer will have an array of functional capabilities allowing the user to be able to analyze the meter data in a user-friendly environment while providing them with the needed reports to make data driven decisions.

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