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SERS Waste2Energy Initiative is SERS' main catalyst for our Zero Waste2Landfill Initiative. Our process is simple an yet sophisticated enough to offer a safe, and technologically advanced means of Waste Disposal while generating Clean and Reliable renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting our Recycling2Reuse initiative.

SERS Waste2Energy Process







1.  Municipal Solid Waste and/or Medical Waste is delivered into our facility and dumped in our Tipping Floor.

2.  The waste passes through our Materials Recovery Facility where the waste is separated into Recyclables, Organic and Refuse-Derived Fuel.

3.  Our Gasification units are then fed manually with a front end loader. The volume of waste loaded into the units is electronically monitored for maximum efficiency.

4.  Our Gasification (Thermal Combustion) process is a two stage process: 1) Gasification - conversion of solid fuel to gaseous fuels in an oxygen deficient environment; 2) Combustion of Gaseous Fuels - at a minimum of 1,100 C. 

5.  Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems treat combustion gases.

6.  The Heat Recovery Steam Generator heat steam in boilers.

7.  Steam is delivered from boilers to Steam turbines.

8.  Steam turbine produces energy and/or other fuels.

9.  Air cooled Condensers converts steam to water for completion of cycle.


SERS Solar2Energy takes advantage of a free and powerful energy source – the sun. In a single hour, the sun transmits more energy to the earth's surface than the world uses in a year. SERS converts this energy into electricity, making it a simple, clean and cost-effective way to power our lives.


SERS understands that many technologies can be used to harness heat and light from the sun, from the simple to complex. Unique and comprehensive expertise is required to incorporate proprietary technologies into a working and functioning photovoltaic or utility-scale system. From small- to large-scale, if you are considering a solar project, SERS can guide you through the process. Our experience includes project management for large solar projects and small-scale applications to provide energy for stand-alone structures.


Planning, energy analysis, permitting, environmental, site layout, foundations, water, steam-cycle, electrical collection and transmission are examples of areas that must be addressed to implement a successful solar project. Our understanding of energy storage and generation technologies to support the variable and intermittent nature of solar energy can add essential value to your project. Our integrated teams of economic, environmental, design and construction professionals join to bring you a solar project that meets your needs.


SERS Sewage2Energy solution uses a Bioliquids and Biosolids Plasma Gasification technology in order to develop energy and/or fuels.


Our Plasma Gasification technology process provides the following:


  1. Sewage or Liquid Waste Recycling on Site

  2. Clean Fuel Production

  3. NO Pollution

  4. Cost Effective Solution


Our Plasma Gasification process produces a sterilized liquid from the treatment of: Sewage & Sludge, Petroleum By-products, Oil based Waste, and Bio-Fuel By-products. By the end of the process, all harmful bio-contaminants, chemicals, and metals are eliminated from the liquid waste. 


Our Plasma Gasification has been certified and exceeds all environmental standards.

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